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Rockin' towards a new year!

New, indeed!

Today Mama and I cleaned up and re-organized my bedroom. Tonight, after just 3 short nights of Daddy helping me to sleep (instead of mama for the first times ever) in the "sharing bedroom"; I decided to sleep in my own room with almost no prompting from Mama or Daddy.

Mama just made my bed and asked if I'd like to sleep in it. Triumphantly, I headed out to the living room. Then she overheard this conversation:

Me: "Daddy, my room's all set up!"

Daddy: "It is?"

Me: "Yeah, and I'm going to sleep in there tonight!"

Daddy: "You are??"

Me: "And I'm going to cuddle my giraffee. Goodnight, Dad."

Mama thinks it all has something to do with my new dragon blanket (seen below). Thanks, Auntie Suz!!!


More scenes from the 12 Days of Christmas, and news of my on-going declarations of independence coming soon! Oh, and before I forget, today I made it clear that I can now recognize most letters:

SCENE: Stoplight across from a supermarket that has the name of the neighborhood in huge letters atop it.

Reading from right to left:

D.R.O.F.G. - what's that one that goes up, then down then up again? - N? Oh, and I saw a double-u (W) ...distinguishing it from an "M" for the first time. Yes, I'll be reading soon (or so my parents hope!!)

Merry Happies!

Wow! Has it really been over 3 months since I've written?!? Well, once again. It's not MY fault. It's Mama's and all busy-ness. She doesn't even have time to upload all my recent photos! But, she has recently recorded some factoids from my daily life...

Dad: “How was your day, Max?”

Me with dramatic pause: “Ok, let’s get started here.

One day, when we were going outside, I took a maraca from the basket. And I bammed it on Oliver’s head. Oliver cried a lot. It was a really big ouch-y.”

Dad: “Was Oliver sad?”

Me: “Uh, not really. Oliver loves me. But I don’t love him.”

[Sigh from mama.] Tomorrow, I will be a friend with Lillian instead.”

Be forewarned, fair Lillian.


Most commonly uttered phrases:

“Mama, are you happy?”

“I love you, Mama”

“Is it a stay-home day today?”

“I missed you sooooo much!”

[wistfully] “I wish Lenin was real.” [as we drive past this statue of Comrade V. Lenin each day]


Monday noon.

Mama: Max, guess what?!? I’m finished grading. Now all of my school work is finished!

I’m unresponsive until Tuesday afternoon…

Me: Mama, can you stay with me at school tomorrow?

Mama: Sorry, honey, I have some things to do in the morning, so you’ll need to go to Hilltop.

Me: But you said that your school work was all finished.

[Sigh from Mama]

Wednesday noon at Cyberdog Café. Mama talks to owner, explaining what she does…

Mama: I’m a graduate student and a teaching assistant.

Me: Mama, I don’t want you to be a student. I just want you to be a Mama.


In developmental news, I can recognize numbers 1-10. I am interested in going diaper-free, but not totally committed just yet. And I’ve been falling asleep at night without Mama’s special help since Thanksgiving. I love telling tall tales. Although I’m not exactly sure what to do with my powerful energies, I have found bullying school friends to be quite gratifying. While my teachers (and parents) are somewhat dismayed by this, I’m still the favorite of just about every adult at my school. Mama fears that I have a future in politics, and has made me promise to use my powers for good ;-).

Well, I’m off to listen for bells & watch for this guy’s sleigh to fly overhead. May your holiday season be blessed!!


me and santa 2009

School Days

My sincerest apologies for the long absence. It's Mama's fault. She's been on some sort of crazy media fast and I can't get her to spend a spare second at this computer - well, until now.

It's down to the wire for her as her work at the university begins next week, so I asked to PLEASE get at least one more post in before our schedules become filled.

I guess that's why she's been we could spend every spare moment together and so that we could work through my preschool transitions.

My classroom

I think that if preschool was only half a day and if Mama could stay the entire time, I'd LOVE it. But, over the past two weeks Mama has left me for longer and longer days and each day I like it less and less.

Thankfully, my teachers are wonderful. "My students" are okay, but occasionally I have the uncontrollable urge to bite or push or shriek at one of them (even though Mama says they're all very sweet). I do NOT like "circle time" and consider the request to walk slowly and quietly in the halls to be serious infringements on my rights. However, there are lots of other opportunities for my spirit to fly freely throughout the day. And I am grateful for that (and homemade playdough).

In the weeks following our last days in Sequim and the start of school, Mama and I did loads of exploring Seattle and nesting in our new home. We had fun lunch dates, library times, artistic moments and much savoring of our time together. "Mama is my best friend and I love her."

Coffee with Mama at The Buzz

Our things remain in Boulder for another week yet when Daddy goes to pick it up. I've stopped missing my things as I'd rather spend hours upon hours reading books, making music with toiletries and playing rocket ship/drum/airplane with Mama's bulk food purchases. But, I am looking forward to having Moonbeam back with us.

Sing it baby!

My favorite thing about our new house and my new school is that both are (nearly) on the ship canal. So, we have a wonderful walking path by the water for days when we want to take our time getting home from school. We can also walk along it to the Farmer's Market on Sundays, the library on Saturdays and weekend festivals as they come up. I like to sit under the big shade trees and watch the boats glide past. I wish there was a beach, though. I really want to dip my toes in the water that is (sadly) a bit too far below the levee walls on which we sit.

Walking home from the Market

Mama and Daddy say I've had some developmental spurts since our move to Seattle - mostly that I'm speaking more clearly and my imaginative play has really increased. I guess the most noticeable thing is that I got a hair cut. It wasn't nearly as bad as I thought it'd be. And, the salon had the best playroom in town! Now I can't wait for my hair to grow out again so I can go back for a trim!

New haircut! It didn"t hurt at all!

Mama just added 6 new pages of pictures, so feel free to check out the virtual tour of what I've been talking about by clicking here:

Until next time, much love to you!

In a fleury!

Lavender peek

Boulder friends arrive 24 July - so happy!
In Seattle without air conditioning in the car 29 July - the hottest day on record (104F/40C)
My first international trip 4 August - to Victoria, B.C., Canada
Whale watching in the San Juan Islands 6 August - amazing!
Dad's job offers arrive 7 August - huge sigh of relief & much rejoicing
Boulder friends leave 9 August - many tears (mostly mine "I don't want them to leave!!)
My preschool acceptance arrives 11 August - more huge sighs & much rejoicing

Dad's new job starts downtown 17 August
We get our new Seattle house 19 August
We leave our summer house 23 August
Arrange to get our things moved from Boulder the last week of August
I start preschool 8 September
Mama starts graduate school 22 September

It's been crazy busy around here. A bit like riding a roller coaster (or so Mama says). I'll write in detail soon. In the meantime, click on my photo above for the visuals!

Another Month Older and Cuter Than Ever!

Sitting on the edge of the bed next to Chance (our friends' dog that we're looking after), I say:

"Chance, I want to tell you somefing." (Chance seems uninterested, but I press on)

"Don't worry, Chance. Your Mama will come back. She's in New Jersey now. Working on somefing. But, your family is going to get her. And bring her back soon." (Chance pants and turns away)

"Oh, I see you have big fangs. In your mouf." (He will not be moved by flattery).

"Chance, are you sad? I will give you a big nuggle. That will make you feel better."


I've been making it clear to all what I am/am not...

While playing with J: "I'm not a Monster. I'm a Max!"

On the ferry: "I'm not a Passenger. I'm a Giraffe!"

In preparation for baths tonight: "Now I'm really naked."

Some of my favorite things right now are:

doing things "togever" with Mama & Dada
playing "slug" (whereupon I am the slug - you don't need to ask if there's slime involved ;-)
hiking (especially the hunting for & eating of wild berries)
swimming in the warm pool (aka, the hot tub)
visiting the troll & telling his tales ("I'm not afraid of him at all")
riding "my" blue bike (very fast and preferably with Dada)
eating at Matt's in the Market (even if I have to wait 45 minutes for a table)
reciting nursery rhymes and making up my own versions ("Mister Foster went to Gloucester - stepped in a puddle of rain - Old Dame Dob sat on his middle - and never went back there again")

Heaps of new photos. Just click my photo below to view...

Happy days

Pacific Northwest Life

"I'm getting very big now. Do you see my whiskers growing? (I ask while stroking my cheek) Do you feel them?"

Self portrait with whiskers

Daily I ask this. And every time, Mama & Dada touch my cheek and inform me that they feel "fuzz". Not exactly the "whiskers" that I am going for. I want the kind that I can shave off (in my own bathroom). I also want to buy a car.

Mama says its time to start doing chores for cash. Cool!


Right now I am happier than I've ever been. I thank Mama and Dada often, "Oh! I am so happy that I came here. Thank you for bringing me here. I want to nuggle (snuggle) you!"

I have nearly an acre of beautiful gardens to play in. This includes a huge playground with sandbox! We are all so grateful for our friends for having us!!!

Each week we take a hike in the lush forests of Olympic National Park. They are magical - lush and full of gnome homes, fairy houses, rushing rivers, waterfalls, tall trees and scampering critters. "I'm so sited (excited) to be here!" I say as a run ahead on the trail.

I"m so happy here!

Over all though, I am more at home in the forests than on the beach. The ocean is just a bit too powerful & noisy for my tastes.


I do love the driftwood jungle gyms, though (click on my photo above for more details). But, I like to listen to the birds and look for forest spirits best. And, I think Mama's happier in the forest along bubbling rivers & waterfalls, too. This only makes it more special for me.

Market raspberries

On Saturday mornings we go to the Farmer's Market to get local produce that we can't find in our garden - mostly just collard greens and raspberries that make me pucker.


Speaking of berries, we have a HUGE strawberry patch just outside our door. I love to "help" Mama work in the garden by picking & eating all the ripe berries.

We journey to Seattle about twice a week and have all sorts of big city adventures. Other days we explore our little town (mostly the library and coffee shops) and surrounding villages.

Best friends and one awesome horse (I mean, Dad)

Any days that are left we work in the garden, play (there's a train set! and, until a few days ago my sweet friend J was here to frolic with as well - I miss her!), bake bread (I love making bread!) and read Richard Scarry's _Best First Book Ever_ (lovingly referred to as "the kitten book") over and over and over again. I care for few other books right now.

The Best Book Ever!

You see, Dr. Bones tells me that if I eat all that Mama gives me, I will grow bigger, Bigger, BIGGER! Which means I'll get whiskers soon! So, I'm eating very well these days - spinach & tofu from our local cafe is my favorite, next to fresh broccoli trees from our garden and Cyberdogs (veggie hot dogs that we get in Seattle).

City boy
CITY DOG (I mean, BOY)

I've also become keenly interested in the months of the year - again, courtesy of the kitten book. I'm often asking what month it is, what month comes next and what happens in each month.


My transition to life here has gone very well. Yesterday I asked, "Is this our house now? How long are we going to stay here?"

Mama's response was, "Until Daddy finds a job and we can find a new house. Then we'll go back and get all of our things from Boulder and move them to our new house."

"Is my barn in Boulder?" I asked. "Can we bring my animals, too?"

"Yes. Of course." says Mama.

Recently I learned that our friend was looking for a job just like Dada. I asked, "Does he want a new house too?"


I'm also enjoying looking after Chance (Chancy-poo), our friends' dog :-). I've been a bit worried about him, though. I fear he might miss his family. So, I ask, "Chance, would you like a kiss?" And tell him, reassuringly, "Your family will come back."


At the grocery store the other day I was helping unload the cart:


The checkout clerk, Rachel, was impressed that I knew what it was. Never one to let my audience down, I proceeded...

"Chocolate Larabar"

Rachel, astonished, said to her co-worker, "Did you hear that? Chocolate. Larabar." Enjoying my performace, I continued...


That one put her over the edge! "Falafel! How old are you?" she asked.

Then she pushed me (in the cart) through the check out area. She said, "I'm just pushing you around here."

I said, "Oh! Pushing me around here. That would be a good idea."

A show stopper if ever I spoke one! :-)

Happiness is being here.

I was born a travelin' man...

Good morning campers!

Two weeks.

Three thousand miles.

Six states.

Five gracious hosts/hostesses.

One hotel room.

Ten hot bucket baths.

Eight cold camping nights.

Countless peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.

Unfathomable natural beauty.

170 new pictures (click on photo below).

And the happiest of endings.

Between a mountain & a needle

We're settling in to our temporary home in Sequim on the gorgeous Olympic Peninsula, just two hours and one ferry ride from Seattle. I am steps from the beach (Strait of Juan de Fuca), with wonderful friends and two very happy, relaxed parents.

It's good here. But, I'm already asking, "Where are we going next?"

Belly Button O

Here we are!

And here we go!

I've been visiting every cool sight within a 30 mile radius of home.

Last visits with our dearest friends. Tears from Mama. Kisses & noses from me.

Saying farewell and all vat ["that" - "and all vat" is my favorite phrase to tack on the the end of a list these days].

I don't think there will be an update on the 19th as we'll be somewhere between here the Pacific ocean on that day.

And, not much time to post tonight as the packing is in full-frenzy mode (we head out on Monday morning).

I'll leave it to the photos to tell the stories of the last few weeks. Click on the picture below to take you to my world in photographs...

Goodbye Rockies!

See you in Seattle!


I continue to crack people up with my story telling and way of phrasing things. Here are some examples...

Yesterday, I told dad this story:

"I ate a windmill cookie. And there were crumbs. But, I ate all the crumbs. They were yummy. And (dramatic pause) that was all fine..."

While following Mama the other day, I shouted:

"Wait up, dude!"

Daily I talk about our move to Seattle:

"When I move to Seattle. I'm going to have a house with a blue door. And I will open the door for Mama and Dada."

When excavating our storage area in anticipation of packing for our big move:

"Oh my goodness! Here's my caaah." (I pronounce "car" "park" "yard", etc. with a strong accent, dropping the "r")

At play with my animals and anthropomorphized truck & trains...story unfolding:

"...well, it just so happens..."

What's so funny?



Happy Half Birthday to Me! Happy Half Birthday to Me!
Happy Half Birthday dear Me! Happy Half Birthday to Me!


Hey, my fingers fit in my ears.

Hey, my fingers fit in my ears.

What happens if I take my fingers out?

What happens if I take my fingers out?

In, no sound.

Finger in. No sound.

Out.  I can hear it now!

Out. I can hear the creek now!

I can"t hear it.  Is the creek still there?

I can't hear. Is the creek still there?

2 1/2 is good.